The Japanese delegation visited the OBF “Road to the House”

The Japanese delegation visited the OBF “Road to the House”

On Friday, September 12, the Odessa Charitable Foundation “Road to Home” was visited by a group of Japanese volunteer peacekeepers who arrived in Odessa on the “Peace Ship”. “Peace Boat”, a steamer leased by the same-name public organization, whose mission is to promote the establishment of links between civilizations for the sake of achieving universal peace, protecting human rights and protecting the environment.

The guests from Japan got acquainted with the leadership of the Foundation and its pupils, watched the presentation about the activities of the organization, took part in master classes in pottery and hand-made. The students of the Foundation prepared a concert for the Japanese guests – with dance and vocal numbers performed as kids from the center for children’s development and creativity “Smile”, and older children from the center “Bridge to the Future”. After the concert, the children treated the guests to dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, we note that borshch and cabbage soup came to like the Japanese volunteers.

After lunch, a cheerful company of students from the Foundation and Japanese guests went to the Spartak Stadium, where a friendly football match took place. The guests played football with the team “Domovenok”, which was formed from boys and girls, pupils of the OBF “Road to the House”. In the first half on the field came the guys from the older age group, which included pupils of the Foundation and teenagers, internally displaced people from Lugansk, temporarily residing in the “Road to the House.”

They outplayed the Japanese team with a score of 3: 0. In the second half of the meeting, the guys from the younger football team came out against the renewed team of volunteers (for which the 5-year-old “Neimar” played). The account of the second half of the meeting is 1: 1. Although, in fact, the result of the match has no value – most importantly, there were no injuries, and all the gathered left the stadium in a great mood.


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